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Tribute to a Friend

Dorthy Day Davenport was a charter member and benefactor of the Mary Chilton Chapter; NSDAR.

A lifelong resident of Sioux Falls, Dorothy was the daughter of Charles M. Day, editor and major owner of the Daily Argus-Leader. She served as a long-time member of the newspaper's board and as president for several years beginning in 1954.

Dorothy Day was the first member of the Mary Chilton Chapter to become a bride, marrying Holton Davenport in June 1916. "My memory of my years of association with members of this Chapter are among the most gratifying of my entire life," wrote Mrs. Davenport in her will. In making the provisions for the benefit of the Mary Chilton Chapter, she went on to say that it was because of a firm conviction that, "...there will thereby be aided and advanced in the locality of Sioux Falls the splendid objectives of the National Society of the DAR, and that for generations to come, such provisions will so enhance and extend the work of the Mary Chilton Chapter that... such locality will become a better and happier place in which to live."

The Mary Chilton Chapter, NSDAR, is proud to continue the dream of Dorothy Day Davenport through the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation.

Mary Chilton DAR Foundation Mary Chilton DAR Foundation Mary Chilton DAR Foundation

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