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Foundation Grant Policies -- All Grants

The following policies apply to all grants made by the Foundation.


Grants are awarded only to recipients located in South Dakota for projects within the state.

Uphold Standards of DAR

All grants must relate to and uphold the goals of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and its purpose:

"To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence; to cherish, maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom; to foster true patriotism and love of country; and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessing of liberty."

All grants must also relate to the stated goals and purposes of the grant programs of the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation as stated herein.

Use of Funds

All funds must be used only for the designated purposes.

  • The Foundation does not fund capital campaigns, multi-year projects or renewals, general operating budgets, or endowments.
  • No portion of the funds may be used in payment of administrative costs.
  • No portion of the grant can be used to fund lobbying, participate in any political campaign, attempt to influence legislation or the outcome of any public election, or to carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive.
  • The funds may not be used for any purpose prohibited by law, including those purposes designated in Section 4945 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Maintain Records

The recipient agrees to maintain accurate and complete financial records of all receipts and expenditures relating to the grant. If requested by the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation, the recipient agrees to provide the Foundation with access to files, books, and records to the extent required under generally accepted accounting principles to investigate, audit, and verify the proper expenditure of grant funds; provided that the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation agrees to treat all materials disclosed to it as confidential records that may be disclosed further only to the extent necessary to document the proper expenditure of the funds granted.

Comply with Law

All grants must comply with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, laws and ordinances.


The Foundation reserves the right to request repayment of any portion of the grant that is not used for the specified purposes.

Discontinue Grant

The Foundation reserves the right to discontinue, modify, or withhold the amount of the grant, or any payment at any time when, in the judgment of the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation, such action is necessary to comply with the requirements of law or the purposes and policies of the Foundation.

Reservation of Rights

The Foundation reserves the right to alter procedures and policies when necessary to meet new needs. The Foundation will continually review the scope of its areas of grants and periodic revisions are probably and should be expected.

The Foundation is NOT accepting applications for student scholarships.

For More Information

Inquiries related to the Mary Chilton DAR Foundation's grant-making policies and procedures should be directed to:

Mary Chilton DAR Foundation
PO Box 90716
Sioux Falls, SD 57109-0716

The Foundation does not have a full time staff. Responses to questions can be expected within 5-7 days.


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